Monday, August 30, 2010

clear & simple

In early Victorian times the frugal homemaker did not set spoons out at each place when setting the table.  She most likely did not have enough spoons for each persons plate.  Instead spoons were kept in a "spooner"  This was a glass vessel that would sit in the center of the table within reach of those who might need one.  They came in lots of patterns and colors including a large goblet shape.  The "spooner" was in use until around the turn of the century.

This weekend I went to a huge old estate sale of a 150 year Victorian home.

the entire contents were being sold, off including some amazing and expensive antiques

out in the yard and the garage were the "junk tables" 

My favorite place of course

everything on any table was $1.00

I found the most simple old clear glass, including these Victorian pressed glass spooners

most of the glass was dirty and on the tables surrounded by lots of other stuff.  I wasn't sure how it would look once it was cleaned up.  For a dollar each I filled a box.

I loved the simplicity of the shapes, and clear glass is my all time favorite

I washed it all when I got home, and it was just as I had hoped it would be

I can think of so many possibilities, including their intended purpose of holding spoons in the center of a table

sometimes the best finds are dirty, overlooked and ignored from the dollar table

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