Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I always wanted to try this

Ever since I saw Martha Stewart feature make your own "mercury glass" with paint.  I have always been curious about giving it a try.  Martha gives as a source for the spray paint called Looking Glass - Mirror -Like Paint.  I had a really hard time trying to locate it, I actually ended up purchasing a can on Ebay for $11.00.

here is a grouping of mercury glass containers featured in Martha Stewart magazine.

the paint can is small only 6 oz.  Enough to spray a large piece of glass and one container

I wanted to see what it would do to an old cabinet door

this was a free door that someone gave me, so I had nothing to lose if it did not work

   I used frog tape along the edge before I sprayed on the paint.  I lightly misted the glass with a tiny bit of water (just like Martha did)  to make the mirrored surface look aged.

the trick is layering on the paint in very light coats, making sure that each coat dries for a few minutes between spraying.  I did 5 very light and quick layers.  The side that you spray looks dull, but when you turn it over - sure enough there is a mirrored surface.  You can't really tell from the photos, but it looks like an antique finish.

you can see how well it reflects

oh - I see an old gray glass door cabinet in my future with mirrored doors.

I made this with the left over paint just to see what it would look like.  It had a previous life as a giant water globe holding a preserved rose.  I have no idea what I will be doing with it now.


If this paint was easier to find - hint hint Krylon people - I would use it again.  For more ideas and directions on using Looking Glass Mirror Like Paint see the Krylon Website.

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