Monday, November 29, 2010

Tips Lighting Design

What resulted from the proper lighting system? My answer: everything! Too hyperbolic indeed. I mean no other, through the proper lighting system (which was designed from the start as part of the design house), many effects "dramatic" as you want at home, in apartments, shops, even in restaurants can be achieved.

Options and layout proper lighting can increase or decrease the space, build a romantic or cheerful mood. In short, whatever the effects that arise in your mind, can disiasati through proper lighting. Here are examples of lighting at the corner of a mansion.

Wall lamps above is the result Annahape design studio on the wall next to a swimming pool. Lighting on the wall that serves as an accent. With the indirect model lamps, romantic, warm created. The lights had become an integral part of natural stone composition is prepared with super careful and detailed.

Hopefully through the photo above, you also have to enter in the desired dramatic effect. Impression of natural stone cold, direct light is lost with the existing composition.

Well a little theorizing about the lighting, there are four models of lighting fitting for us to know.

1. Ambient lighting, ie lighting the entire room. Technically, ambient lighting means the total light coming from all directions, for the entire space. A lamp is placed in the middle of the room is just one part of the ambient lighting. But if there is light coming from all edges ceiling, for example, creates ambient lighting. In making its ambient lighting, the beam must be sufficiently flexible to various situations or events that may occur in the room. There's no way the dining room is always romantic.

2. Local lighting, or local lighting. This type of lighting is intended for daily activities, such as reading, studying, cooking, dressing and so forth. Lighting is not intended to make the eyes tired quickly.

3. Accent lighting, or lighting that serves as an accent. In addition to the above example, the lighting of this type can be used to make a certain angle, certain goods became prominent. Such lighting can guide visitors to view an item, or a particular collection. An example is the tip 24 on gypsum partition

4. Natural lighting or sun light even months. When designed from the beginning, use sunlight to make room becomes bright. In my 26 tip is recommended that homeowners take into account the design of buildings for sunlight to get into the inside of the house.

My short tip this time is: please, along with your lighting design began designing the house. Do not be afraid to try, you can create their own dramatic effect you want.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Decorative Ornaments in Residence

If you get bored with the minimalist layout why not make it more dynamic. Painting beautiful artwork or decorations can make the look not boring.

Please see the idea below. You can just memadumadankan color decorating with furniture elements. Do not be afraid to experiment on their own residence. Physically remodel the building, repainted, giving a unique furniture, everything can be done for a place to stay so characterized. It could be someone else in awe, some do not like it. Whatever house you who feel comfortable or not. Remember, do not you, home sweet home, My home palace.

One effort to make it look different by giving the decoration elements such as decorative painting. Themes are the main points to consider. If the classical style be an option. Motifs of flowers or foliage will pretty side by side with classical style furniture as well.

Volume heavy furniture should be balanced with a more ornate, light or mild. Adjust the color of furniture and decoration around the layout as well. Includes accessories and trinkets space. Think that the decoration painting could well maintained, meaning easy to clean, do not easily fade, and durable. Whatever your choice, the elements of painting can become your spatial attraction.

Balinese Carved Doors tune

In the village Batubulan Gianyar Bali is a place that most people are woodcut artist. Various wood carvings produced from this village.

One who wants KonsepRumahIdaman reviewed here is that the chisel carving on a door. In the hands of artists from this Batubulan in magic door into the art of high value goods. There have been many who love this kind of carvings ranging from local residents to overseas such as Asia, Europe to the United States.

One of the craftsmen of this woodcut is Ketut Pradnya who have carved wooden doors to his field since 1987. He has the power carver to 75 people. Imagine how his best-selling demand for this type of engraving.

The manufacturing process begins drawing a design on paper and then in the stick in the field of wood is still intact. Type of carving designs there are different types like patra (the typical Balinese carvings type), floral design, puppet shows, to carving an exclusive buyer's liking. After annealing in the field of timber design, the next process is to start doing engraving. The tools are in use are a variety of carving chisels. with hereditary skill of the engraver began to carve with ease while whistling and enjoying his job.

Processing time of carving depends on the extent and level of complexity of the carving that will be created. Usually only one door carved by one person to complete, since if the parts do engraving on by someone else can give a different touch.

The price of this carving a wide range, from 2 million to design the most innocent until, at 100 million rupiah. Orders always came from Bali itself there is another city in Indonesia, even not rarely also from abroad. Average monthly benefit between Rp 200 to Rp 500 million per month.

Arsitektur MINIMALIS

The term minimalism as a concept or style in the design of residential use was rampant in our society, especially since around the 1990's. Although the basic concept of minimalism has emerged due revolsi understands the industry and the rise of modernism in the history of architecture and developed since the 1920's after the birth of International Style architectural style that carries the theme of functionalism (fungsinal), clarity (clarity) and simplicity (simplicity). One movement imitation and repetition of the rejection of old forms and use of ornamentation which is deemed excessive classical period, merely an additional non-structural and which do not really give any meaning in architecture. On the other hand, voiced the fact of technological progress in the process of design, construction and building structures that provide convenience, accuracy and efficiency.

People of modern architects who loudly voiced this movement include the Berlage in Holland, Peer Behrens in Germany, Louis Sullivan, Frank Lloyd Wright and Ludwig Mies van de Rohe in America which is famous for his statement that beauty in architecture is because of its simplicity Less is more, Le Corbusier of France's famous Le modular system with it, a concept design by looping approach building units for ease of preparation of the functional standards and modulation of structural and speed of development that allows the construction system with prefabricated building materials and Adolf Loos in England which keep hatred on ornamentation and looked at only as a form of fear of the void space (horror vacui). His statement is the famous ornament is crime.

In Indonesia, minimalist architecture developed rapidly through a group of Young Architects Indonesia due to the mastery of design presentation techniques through the tools of computer technology. One important breakthrough in the field of image presentation practical and real. System module, the accuracy of dimensions, color choices, lighting and textures are available in such a way by which information technology is growing. The architectural design comes through the choice of reference configurations have been provided with information technology cepat.Secara substantive minimalism is a form of selection decisions in the design of buildings due to cultural intervention as a way of thinking, activity and lifestyle. A perspective that reflects the lifestyle of today's society that tends to quick, practical, efficient and effective in various fields. It also can be seen in the diet, clothing, communications and so forth. Economic law that emphasizes the minimum effort for maximum achievement is an important cornerstone in a minimalist lifestyle. Understand quickly adopted is who he can and time is money. No more jargon Java community Alon-Alon Waton kelakon (slow origin is reached) or let the slow home safely. Since every activity of life achievement is measured and time-oriented, competition and limited resources and energy. The delay was the beginning of defeat.

The concept of minimalism in architecture is an aesthetic approach that emphasizes things that are essential both in aesthetic and functional spatial, and structural shapes. Spatially specific spaces arranged sedemikain way as to have a high level of flexibility in ketersusunan and convenience functions. Elementary geometric forms that practically no ornamentation is a main character that dominates the surface and building mass. Innovation of various materials such as steel, concrete, and glass, standardization and efficiency technologies provide new challenges in the design world. The principle is the more simple, the quality of a design, function space, and the settlement system of the structure will be getting better. Minimum is at once the value of the aesthetic purpose itself. Continuity of design since the idea of determining a straight line, plane and meeting elbow perpendicular field, the construction of volumetric and mass composition, honesty of materials, processing of light and air, looping module, circulation compact, multifunctional and sequential space and clarity of the structural system is a key feature concept minimalist architecture.

Minimalist also looked at the attitudes and behavior of designers in the argument, recognizing and guiding clients to realize and berseda reduce the various needs that are not important. Only the essential functions are retained so that the building is called minimalist because the result of a process to get the space that really exploited. Minimalist is not displayed just the final destination shape but also the success in purifying function itself.
Minimalist architecture is an expression of contemporary urban society through a competitive way of living an honest, practical and simple in total.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Change Display Bathroom

Display Your Bathroom To have spacious bathrooms and plush like the ones in the homes of millionaires seems difficult to achieve. Especially if you live in a small house and simple. But do not worry, you still can make your bathroom look more spacious by changing some parts of the bathroom. Bathroom Supplies If not many places left, then choose bathroom fixtures with small size could save space. Even if necessary, avoid using the tub and replace it with a shower. Walls The walls have a major influence in showing widespread impression. Use a ceramic wall with bright colors, because the bright colors will give the impression widely. Likewise with patterned ceramic pieces. Decorate ceiling ceiling with a special touch. Legitimate if you want to use decorative stained glass, so that external light can go without you to worry about will be seen from the outside. Or can also decorate your bathroom ceiling with a painting of a blue sky and clouds. Surely your bathroom is also spacious than impressive eye-catching. Window Install window in your bathroom. Do not be afraid to peek, now many choices of glass that is not transparent. Mirror By using a mirror that has a beautiful design, in addition to widespread impression, your bathroom will look more trendy.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Choosing Paint Colors For Your Home

the color (color scheme) that house, and then design architecture of the building. As one of the main When you looked at a house, first thing that attracts your attention is components of a house, the color also brings the influence of both the poor quality of houses, design houses and buildings look attractive, and space characters that affect the psychiatric residents.

Research shows that the selection of the appropriate house colors can give some good effect for the residents, stimulating, soothing, reassuring, clear, heal physical and mental health of residents. By selecting the right color, then the house and also the rooms in it can be set to be a place with various kinds of functions.

Psychological color

It is said that color is a safe and cheap harbor for mooring our mental health. Through exploration of color, residents can create the space character is calm, serene, bright, stimulating healing, and spiritual. Now the technique of medical therapy with color (color therapy) has been widespread, ranging from hospitals and health clinics, which are no longer predominantly white, down to the private room spaces.

The right colors can create a soothing atmosphere, stimulating, soothing or inspiring for the whole family. With color, residents can build a house as a place to escape, flee, or simply be alone to meditate in the midst of the hustle and bustle of metropolitan life

Sensitivity of intuition in harmony blends color ranging from fencing, tile roof, exterior of buildings, walls in the room, doors, windows, ceilings, furniture (desks, chairs, cabinets, couch, until the vase of flowers or ornamental sculptures), and type of plant (flowers , leaves and fruit) will unify the overall atmosphere of the house. Blend color matching on all parts and contents of the house will result in harmony, both to improve the quality of home health care and its inhabitants.

Color selection should be tailored to the needs and functions of each room. Cool color shades of green and blue create a soothing effect on the den, reading room, or bedroom, according to current occupants that need to be "cooled". Bright color gradations of yellow, orange, and red stimulates a dynamic activity in the family room, playroom, living room, kitchen, terrace and carport, according to residents who need to be passive "stimulated". The color purple are soothing to stimulating emotional healing of the household, which can be used in living rooms.

The colors of the earth (earth tones) such as green leaf, brown soil, red brick, gray sand or stone, was now more desirable to create an atmosphere of approaching nature. Selection of shades of brown soil in the living room and family room, with dark colors for the floor (symbol ground / earth), the color is on the walls and furniture chairs, tables, and cabinets (symbol trees, hills, mountains), and the ceiling light color ( symbol of the sky) is an attempt to bring the outside world into the house. The atmosphere is quiet and comfortable nature is capable of relieving stress.

Colors are also able to create spaces that are full of spiritual meaning. The strength element of white color as a symbol of purity and clarity if combined with a green soul can enhance spiritual healing therapy. Gradations of blue as a symbol of water (the source of life) also can affect the atmosphere of calm. The colors are commonly used in meditation space itself, from the prayer room, bedroom, up to a private bathroom.

Tip dye house

Specification of function space requires choosing colors to compliment the main types of activities and user space. Color selection revolves around the primary colors red, yellow, and blue, the secondary colors orange, green, and purple, and tertiary colors which is the mixing of primary colors and the secondary.

Choose the color exactly. The combination of colorful personalities that match residents to increase energy, comfort and quality of mental and physical health of residents. For metropolitan residents every day stuck in traffic and pressure of work, the presence of much-needed color to relieve stress, depression, frustration and tension at home.

Before determining the color of choice, first consider who will use that space, how old is the average user, and how the general character of each family member. For example, parents' master bedroom, den or living room can choose the colors soft and cool, while the children's bedroom, playroom and study, utilizing bright colors are bright cheerful. For the family room, dining room, and kitchen is a blend of soft colors and warm or it can also wear the colors of the earth that is more neutral.

Effect of natural and artificial light sources on color appearance should be considered. Sunlight (the colors) or light (white / yellow) to the colors will produce the effect of different colors, in the morning, afternoon, evening or night. The selected color will affect the impression of a small room and looked the building. Dark colors will make the room feel limited tend to narrow. Instead bright colors give the impression of more widespread.

Earth color trends have been widely used in house building looks. Extrusion window frame and door, and roof carport wood brown color among young beige brown field combined robustness of concrete columns and walls of massive gray fence, making the house minimalist look harmonious and sturdy. Meanwhile, some are wearing the color combination of green moss and gray make a house look cool and shady. Front garden seems to balance the natural elements of the structure of house building.

Accent color used as a focal point of vision for a space. The selected color is a contrasting color from the dominant color in the room. If a living room, family room, and dining room dominated by bright colors of maroon, yellow, ivory or orange, then cool accent to wear green or blue color, and vice versa.

The color orange on the floor, walls and furniture, white fused at the ceiling, doors and window frames, will bring the atmosphere of dusk (sunset), a peaceful and quiet that provide a calming effect on the family room or bathroom.

The color gradation of green often used to reinforce the impression of fresh and experienced in homes, especially in the living room, dining room or back porch. This can be reinforced by the arrangement of the park or garden front and rear with matching colored flowers of various plants, and putting pots of plants that spread from the front porch down to the corner of the room service.

Use red, orange, and brown in the living room, den or family room, to create the impression of a romantic, exotic, and mysterious imaginative lure anyone who enters the space. Frame displays photos of family or other special moment, painting, and a token of appreciation on the walls of the room will reinforce the colorful memories of life's journey home residents.

Blend of cheerful colors red, orange, and yellow, and white interspersed with clean kitchen will warm the room (pantry) that integrates with the dining room and "invite" residents to come eat a meal with family.

Do not forget to carefully choose paints that are available on the market. Choose paint with a trademark clear, good quality, do not contain toxic materials (read: free toxic, no-added mercury) and have the original color choice is quite a lot (not oplosan).

For the fanatical followers of feng shui, the use of color in decorating the house requires a fairly strict limits. For a moderate, home coloring is a vehicle for self-exploration of personality traits and you are free to express desire a better healthy living in the house. Happy creating.

Choosing Color and Decorating your home For Space

If your house is small / tiny, it helps you choose paint colors bright or light colored. Because the bright colors that will give the impression of clean, airy and spacious. Tatapi to remember is, the emphasis is to use bright colors are best applied to public spaces that are functionally dperuntukkan for something common, such as living room, family room, etc..

Every house needs a touch of intimacy and warmth that is very high, because the place is going to happen social interaction, family relationships are full of intimacy and warmth of its inhabitants.

The so-called public spaces are on a building is usually the spaces with users of space activities that are routine and uncertain. Users also are fixed space (according to the duties and functions), so that the necessary facilities will be standard both size and shape, such as schools, hospitals, saki, and others similar. Also, for practical and economical.

Imagine if the residence is treated the same as we treat the spaces of a general nature earlier. All walls painted the same color (eg white), all furniture made of metal or plastic for easy cleaning, weather-resistant, heat resistant and not easily damaged. Kok was like being in a hospital huh? Want a practical, economical, effective but not human.

Well, because home is where the inhabitants live off all the physical fatigue, thoughts and emotions then of course the things that will affect the fatigue-fatigue above must be eliminated.

Usually the forms of furniture that is too stiff, hard and monotonous will make the spaces in the residence to be memorable stiff. So you should not be placed in the house (unless it wants to have a house with rooms that reflect the arrogance and keep a distance with his guest). Select only the forms of material made from natural materials (wood, stone, cloth, etc.). Apalagai chairs in the living room or family room is not necessarily the same shape, can be several forms and materials are selected and placed in the living room, as long as there remains the unifying elements that make a stay in harmony / harmonious with the overall space.

Back again to the matter of choosing the color, is fine white vote to give the impression of vast, bright, and clean, but some are more human touch that will make an appearance space seem more intimate and touching. For example, choosing colors for the seat upholstery, decorative pillows, curtains, tablecloths, table covers, lamp armature, carpet or floor coatings, and others.

As for private spaces, you can experiment with colors you like. For example, you can not impose to dye your room or your children with bright colors which, not necessarily because they like it. Pick a color they like, but you also must be smart not to use colors which "shade" as the color purple because it will make their willingness to learn to be reduced.

Furthermore, in terms of choosing complementary accessories room, choose accessories that you and or your children like but do not jeopardize your safety and they, for example motives simple but attractive, such as flowers, geometric patterns with the pattern size is small. Avoid choosing furniture with sharp corners, etc.

Minimalist Home Decoration Tips Family Room and Living Room Size

What is difficult? not really, if you consider my proposals, you will see there are many options to decorate a family room and living room are small.

Select and use a type of decoration you like, of course, that also can help make your space seem larger. You also have to be careful to design the storage space (storage) for larger, making it easier for you to put or store your belongings.

Fit By Size

For the placement of furniture in the room must be smaller than the room, so the room does not look cramped or claustrophobic. Maximize space with a length of 2 sofa seats compared to the big sofa for a seat to sit with guests for fun. What a great idea if you decorate your room with fun style and combine it with your collection items in the room, may also be combined with a small sofa again and add a large mirror or a decorated so as to make room to be larger and broader.

Keep in mind, when you're decorating a family room and living room are small should think also where you will place the accessories and furniture. you might consider the principles of Feng Shui when a set of accessories and furniture in the living room and your guests. Make sure your furniture is not near the door so as not to block the door when opened and closed.

If you focus approach in terms of design, you should plan early on how to maximize the family room and living room. You can try using the way / style of modern decor, because it will make the room seem more spacious. Deciding which design style is really a way you definitely will spend most of your time.

Use Staining Technique

Color is one of the factors that influence the design of living room and your guests. If you believe that you should paint your small room with white, this is a good thing for you. You can specify the color that can make the space seem bigger impression by decorating colors that reflect the same intensity, or use a theme.

To color the room should decor with bright colors like bright yellow or orange, color matching, if you want a softer look can also wear bright green color. Painting the walls with dark colors or dark will make the walls look as if the narrow and move closer to you.

To make the room look larger should paint the walls with light colors (light), gray or bluish gray. If the gray felt boring, actually can find a fresh tone colors like green or blue to get the atmosphere you want.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Design and Design Houses Dream Year 2011

You need to organize and design in such a way that will house you live in and for the harmony of your household. This is a creative home and home design that will be the trend in the year 2010.

A house with a full core design with the warmth of the sun, will also be able to add the warmth of your family time to relax in the morning and in the afternoon, following designs
Design 1
Design 2
Design 3
Design 4 (Side terrace house)
Design 5 (Home Side) And this is a store or shop design trends of 2011
And here is an overall description of some of the architecture for building dream house in 2011:

Dining Room nuance Nature

Rattan is the versatile, flexible and solid materials used to make furniture. Rattan is vine plan and usually founded in Southeast Asia mainly in Indonesia. Rattan is very durable, solid and flexible, It could be shaped the many style of furniture. . Bocarattan/the Canadian Furniture Manufacturer Specialised in rattan introduce the Rattan Dining Furniture that might could be reference to complete your dining room furniture. With natural lacquer finishing the dining furniture look so warm and natural. Easy maintenance is one of the most advantage of the rattan furniture, just wipe the surface regulary and the furniture will look beautiful again. You can get this beautiful rattan dining furniture by visit the Bocarattan website.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Kitchen Design Black and White

This kitchen set called ElektraVetro, was designed by the famous Italian kitchen manufacturer Ernestomeda. A modern black and white kitchen combines the charm of curved lines and strictness of color solution. The Black and white color gives a great taste which white kitchen cabinets with black aluminum frame are in an amazing harmony with curved Black Island. There are large glass windows in the side yard that will make the kitchen feel bright and warm and enjoying the outside views from the inside.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Custom Window Treatments for My Place - My Plan Comes Together

My family room/breakfast area custom window treatment project is complete. Check out this post to see the original challenge and this post to see how things started, how they progressed and the principles that were applied. 

The windows themselves were challenging. The other challenge that every homeowner faces with a largely furnished home is integrating their window treatment style - fabric and hardware - with their existing furnishings. One of the primary design principles in our home is comfort! I'm not certain that comfort is technically a design principle but form and function are often driven in the real world by comfort and utilizing a space fully for the lifestyle of the homeowner. 
Ahhh, a good nap on the sofa is not just for humans.....
I mentioned that I live with a former linebacker and a dog who both enjoy a leather sofa from time to time. We entertain informally a lot and need a wide variety of comfortable seating both in the family room and near the kitchen. In addition, we already have hardwood floors, oriental rugs and a pair of chairs upholstered in (dog, guest and linebacker friendly) chenille in deep, rich tones. I also wanted a classic simplicity that would stand the test of time. I love experimenting with color and love trends, but in my own life, an updated version of traditional prevails.
Trim samples....
I also had a budget (yes a budget!) of $1000 to complete the project. I established a budget partly because I am by nature a thrifty girl who wants to accomplish the best with the least and as a practical matter, a budget helps give you a parameter for decision making and a framework from which to make trade offs. A lot of my clients are hesitant to give a budget for a project, but it can be critical tool in making the most of your dollar and in making the best design decisions.
The finished window treatments....
We're pleased with the final result. We were able to address the pesky corner with two different size windows, add a layer of softness to the room and provide an additional measure of light control - even with fixed panels (they don't move, they simply hang in place). Our Texas backyard faces west so the wood blinds are a non-negotiable. I crave woven wood shades (see below) but they will have to wait for the next house!
An option for the next project...
For any designer, there is always another project right around the corner!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Key Principles in Window Treatment Design

This week I'm taking you through my family room/breakfast area window treatment design. I lamented the difficulty of my particular windows in the post earlier this week. 
Four large windows with two smaller windows on the adjoining wall.
Like anyone contemplating a window treatment design, I needed to step back and consider some key principles.
  • Proportion. I harp on this principle in every aspect of design (often warning against anything "dinky") and drapery is no different. In my room, I needed to balance the long stretch of windows and enhance the sense of vertical space in a room with only 10 foot ceilings.
  • Scale. See "dinky" above. My room isn't particularly large, but it does have larger scale furnishings. (My husband is a former linebacker...delicate furniture isn't a real option in my home!) My treatment needed enough visual weight to coexist with the larger scale pieces already in the room.
  • Balance. I had to somehow take into account not only the four large windows (even numbers are always a challenge) but also the two smaller windows on the adjoining wall.
  • Rhythm, Emphasis and Harmony. I needed to use trim, fabric color, texture and hardware to reinforce my existing design scheme. The breakfast area window treatment must relate to the family room treatment and the entire kitchen/breakfast/family room shared sight lines so, the treatments needed to reinforce a unified, cohesive design for the entire space.
View into the breakfast area from the family room.
Brainstorming ensued! Measurements, sketches, sample renderings.....

Thankfully (or not) I hadn't fallen in love with any particular fabric. Sometimes fabric comes first - you fall in love with a fabric it become the jumping off point for the design - and design follows. I felt that I need to address the oddball window configuration first and then explore the fabric, trim and hardware solutions. 

More on that journey in the next post, but here is a preview....I'm drawn to classic simplicity in my own home and began (obsessively) looking at how other homeowners and designers had addressed large expanses of windows. Some of my inspiration from House Beautiful below. 

Stick with me, the contemplation will end and progress will begin!

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