Monday, September 13, 2010

brimfield flea market finds

as promised I will show you some things I picked up at the Brimfield flea market on Saturday.  I usually attend the spring market and stay for three or four days to try to get to most of the fields and do some serious shopping.  Do to some some personal circumstances this year I could not go in May.  I got invited to jump on the Hampton Jitney and take a bus to the market with my girlfriends for a day trip.  When I found out that the bus had huge storage compartments to hold what ever we wanted to bring home I was in.

Here is an aerial view of the flea market.  If you ever traveled to Massachusetts and attended the Brimfield Market you know that it is massive and over whelming. I knew that this would be a power shopping trip, and I would only get to see a very small amount of the flea market.  I brought Megan along (it was her first time) she looked like a little doe in the headlights.  It is a lot to take in at once that it for sure. 

Thankfully I have been there before and knew I could count on finding a few of my favorite vendors.

Here are some of the things that I picked up.  

I got lots of industrial items including letters, parts bins, stacking bins, wire baskets and trays.  I got this pine trough to fill with pumpkins and gourds for the fall season.

I always make sure to pick up picture frames from one of my favorite architectural salvage vendors

I got a wire locker for my kids bathroom to hold towels for $100 - it is six feet tall

I also treated myself to an assortment of blown glass laboratory bottles from Germany that cost between $2 and $10 each

these little wooden shoe forms were a bargain at $2.50 a pair

as well as these glass knobs that were only $2 each -  so I loaded up for projects

we found wonderful wire grocery baskets for the shop, and these cool trays that we are going to do some fall candle holder projects with

the exit sign is made of old zinc with a piece of glass behind it - I paid $25 for it and will be using it in my home.  I had a great day, it was fun to shop for myself,  the weather was perfect and I got to enjoy my time hanging with my friends.  It was a fun challenge to try to look for what I wanted within a five hour time period.  I can't wait to go back in the spring.

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