Friday, September 17, 2010

Small Kitchen, Big Style!

I recently worked with clients on their kitchen remodel. This kitchen is not particularly large, but it is a testament to how great finishes and small changes in the layout can transform a space of any size.

The layout was tweaked to remove the island and install a peninsula - giving the clients additional storage. I love island kitchens, but in a small space, an island can often seem like an obstacle.
The old island was removed.... favor of a peninsula with bar seating.

In addition, the refrigerator was moved out of the doorway, instantly providing better traffic flow. The layout was improved further by shifting the ovens to the space where the refrigerator was in the prior layout.
Existing ovens on the far left shift to the refrigerator space and the fridge shifts to a much better location.
The traffic and work flow are vastly improved.
The carefully selected finishes for this project - granite, mosaic tile, stainless appliances and a farmhouse sink - were carefully considered.
The view from the doorway of the old kitchen...

The same view in the new kitchen - wow!
I'll take a closer look at the details on Monday. Have a great weekend and remember...small is beautiful!

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