Thursday, September 2, 2010

end of summer garden wreath

the end of summer garden wreath

This summer has been one of the hottest on record here on eastern Long Island.  We hardly had much rain.  After a while it did not matter if I watered the garden or not, everything was just so dry this year.  Between the weather and my neglectful attention,  I was amazed that my kitchen herb garden survived at all.  It was really overgrown and I have to be honest I could not keep on top of it this year.

I could have made a flower arrangement from my basil tops

while doing a yard clean up today in preparation for a possible hurricane/tropical storm, I took a break to get out of the heat of the sweltering sun.  Since there is something wrong with me and I have that thing called "I can't sit still disease" I figured I would make a wreath out of some clippings that I cut out of my badly overgrown herb garden.

I used fishing line and a cardboard circle as my wreath form

I made about a dozen little 6" bundles of herbs and tied them onto the form - layering them as I went along

I used rosemary, lavender, basil, oregano and sage and mixed then up

my out of control oregano was actually flowering also, which actually added a nice little touch to the wreath

here is how it came out

the wreath is going to my neighbors home.  I will keep you updated on how I weather the storm.  Lori

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