Thursday, September 9, 2010

Wainscot, Beadboard and Panel Options

I'm working with clients on a home office/study. While the room isn't huge (10' x 12'), it does have a lot of potential - good proportions, crown molding and French doors. The changes that we're making in the room will ultimately lead to a richer, more library-like feel. We're starting with hand scraped hickory wood floors and are adding a deep red, faux leather finish to the upper portion of the walls.
Wood floor
Faux finish above wainscot
The last piece of the design before we get to furniture and accessories is the addition of a wainscot or panel detail. Molding is a great way to add richness and visual weight to a room - especially if its done well and not going too small. Adding dinky molding has a tendency to cheapen a room. This is where "go big or go home" applies. Below are some of the choices that we are contemplating....
Tall, flat panels
Chair rail height panels with ledge detail
Tall, flat, panels with ledge detail and painted panel interiors
Two level, flat panels
Traditional bead board
Which is your favorite?

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