Friday, October 15, 2010

Final Details for Steph's Mudroom

Earlier this week week, we took a look at the progress that Steph had made on her mudroom addition. Today, let's look at some finishing details.

The objective for any mudroom is maximum storage combined with ease of use. A mudroom is a pass through, so dispensing with coats, gloves, shoes and boots should be quick and easy. Steph decided against open locker type storage in favor of a 6' x 5' closet that she could close.

The closet is located to the left of the windows in this photo.
A closet doesn't necessarily mean that you must give up on the locker concept, it could mean that the lockers are hidden away. Lockers are great because they combine hook type hanging storage with cabinets above and pull out storage below. Hook hanging is infinitely easier for kids - they are much more likely to hang something on a hook than to take the time to hang something on a hanger! Three options below....

This storage scheme could easily be modified as a built in for a closet.
A conventional cloest arrangement with a combination of  cubbyholes, hanging and floor storage.
While this is a very organized child's closet, the idea can be easily modified for a mudroom closet. The combination of cubbyholes, drawers, and hanging storage is ideal for a mudroom.
In Steph's mudroom, there is a great space under the windows for a classic, mudroom bench. The spot every family needs to plop down and remove messy shoes and boots. Some ideas for Steph below....

A distressed black finish is hard wearing and the baskets are another great place to stow more stuff. (Benches by the Bunches)

This shaker style bench with lift top storage reinforces the craftsman details of the doors and adds a more formal touch to the mudroom that also doubles as an entryway. (

The Norfolk Bench from Pottery Barn is a classic choice.
Can't wait to see the finished product!

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