Monday, October 18, 2010

Kitchen Banquettes

Hi Lisa -

I am looking for ideas for my breakfast table/corner. I want to put a banquette in. The area has no windows and isn’t a big.  We’re using the table we had when we moved in there (oval) and it doesn’t work very well. I'd appreciate any ideas - thanks!


Banquettes are a great way to make the most of tight dining spaces. There are loads of design options and a few key things to keep in mind as you design your new seating area. (All photos today from Kitchen and Bath Ideas.)

With any good design, consider form and function. Are the kids going to do homework there or will the area be used primarily for lounging? Either way, the area needs to be comfortable. Don't use a dinky 2" cushion! Go with a firm, 4" or 5" cushion with the seat base 14" or 15" from the ground (without the cushion). The depth of the seat should be roughly 24" and allow approximately 30" of width per person to allow comfortable eating.

An angled banquette with cabinetry detail makes the most of this space.
A window seat banquette.
Pillows are a versatile option for the back of a banquette. Use pillows to reinforce the design scheme and select fabrics that are washable and that have removable covers.

Blue stripped pillows reinforce this classic look.
Lastly, don't overlook the opportunity to add storage to banquette seating. Lift-up seat tops or drawers below the seating are ideal spots to enhance your kitchen storage options.

Shelving tucked in to the side and deep drawer storage below...
Hinged seat tops work well when drawers aren't an option.

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