Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Just in Time....Steph's Mudroom is Progressing

I'm back from my lovely Colorado vacation (sigh). I spent some time out yesterday in the sunny, 85 degree fall weather (hey, it's Texas folks - this is fall!) purchasing my mums and pumpkins.I know that these gorgeous fall days will soon give way to the messy days of winter so it's time to revisit Steph's mudroom.
A quick recap; my friend Steph, who lives in the northeast, is adding a mudroom addition to her family's home - a 1700's school house - that will also serve as their entryway. Check out these posts to see some of the issues that we covered earlier as the mudroom planning got underway.

Check out the progress....

The initial concrete pour.

Framing, sheathing and the lovely Lucy!
The mudroom roof line takes shape...splurge for metal or stick to the budget and go with asphalt??
View from new mudroom door, original entry on the right, new walk-in closet straight ahead.
Sheetrock, new doors, slate floors!
Exterior in progress - matching the existing siding material...
Mudrooms can easily turn chaotic with the amount of "stuff" that gets dropped off. Corralling that stuff before it reaches other parts of the interior is the purpose of a mudroom anyway. Steph decided against locker type storage often seen in mudrooms and went for a walk in closet instead. In her words, "I am very sure that I want a door that will close, just in case SOMEBODY does not respect the integrity of the organizational system!" 

We'll take a look at options for outfitting the 6' by 5' walk-in closet in our next post and give Steph some other finishing options including a bench for seating and other storage tips for the space. Looking good Steph!

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