Wednesday, October 6, 2010

industrial table base tutorial

 the table size shown is

30" tall

30" wide

6'  long

 the top to this base should not be any smaller then 30 inches wide by 6 feet long

 a nice thick chunky top looks this best with such a substantial base

This is the base that I put together for the farm table, it can be varied many ways. It can also become a coffee table by using just (4) 2" by  8" nipple pipes.  You can change the design and size by adjusting the sizes of the pieces that are used.  It was a lot of fun to figure this out, it was sort of like a big puzzle.  Here is what you need to get to make your own industrial table base:


4  -  2" flange 
4  -  reducer 2" by 1"
4  -  2" tee
2  -  1" tee
8  -  2" by 12" nipple
4  -  1" by 8" nipple
1  -  1" by 60" tube

 there is a total of 27 pieces

The total cost of my supplies came to 


here is what each piece looks like individually
(they are not to scale)

2" flange

1" by 60" pipe

 2" by 12" nipple

1" by 8" nipple

 reducer 2" by 1"

2" tee

1" tee

all of the pieces screw together - no tools needed

one leg of the table is made from

2  - 2" by 12" nipple
 1 - 2" tee
1 - 2" flange

the horizontal bar between the table legs

2 - 2" by 1" reducer
2 - 1" by 8" nipple
1 - 1" tee

the 60" bar that runs horizontally under the table will connect to the 1" tee on both ends

when you are done building the base attach the flanges to the underside of the table ( it is easier to place the top on the floor good side down)

It sound more complicated then it really is, it took about 10 minutres to build the base.  I made one half and my 12 year old son made the other half and we put it together.  We attached the barnwood top onto the base in the kitchen.

I purchased my supplies  at ACE HARDWARE.  They are also available at Lowes, Home Depot, and many other suppliers

Hope you like this project as much as I did, Lori

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  1. Love this table! Would you recommend altering the hardware for a longer table, perhaps 10 foot long?


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