Saturday, November 27, 2010

Balinese Carved Doors tune

In the village Batubulan Gianyar Bali is a place that most people are woodcut artist. Various wood carvings produced from this village.

One who wants KonsepRumahIdaman reviewed here is that the chisel carving on a door. In the hands of artists from this Batubulan in magic door into the art of high value goods. There have been many who love this kind of carvings ranging from local residents to overseas such as Asia, Europe to the United States.

One of the craftsmen of this woodcut is Ketut Pradnya who have carved wooden doors to his field since 1987. He has the power carver to 75 people. Imagine how his best-selling demand for this type of engraving.

The manufacturing process begins drawing a design on paper and then in the stick in the field of wood is still intact. Type of carving designs there are different types like patra (the typical Balinese carvings type), floral design, puppet shows, to carving an exclusive buyer's liking. After annealing in the field of timber design, the next process is to start doing engraving. The tools are in use are a variety of carving chisels. with hereditary skill of the engraver began to carve with ease while whistling and enjoying his job.

Processing time of carving depends on the extent and level of complexity of the carving that will be created. Usually only one door carved by one person to complete, since if the parts do engraving on by someone else can give a different touch.

The price of this carving a wide range, from 2 million to design the most innocent until, at 100 million rupiah. Orders always came from Bali itself there is another city in Indonesia, even not rarely also from abroad. Average monthly benefit between Rp 200 to Rp 500 million per month.

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