Monday, November 1, 2010

Custom Draperies for Challenging Windows - Mine!

Designing window treatments is one of the most rewarding and most challenging aspects of interior design and home decorating. As a designer, you have the opportunity to work with a wide variety of design elements and components - fabric, hardware, color, texture, structure, form, function - to create a successful design. 

I love working with clients on these projects, but recently took on an unusually tough client - me! Like most designers, I have access to an enormous number of design, fabric and hardware options. While I have strong personal preferences for my own home, making definitive decisions turned out to be harder than I anticipated! I also (like most of my clients) didn't want to spend a fortune and gave myself a firm budget for the entire project - completing window treatments for my open family room and breakfast area - of $1000. (Shocking high for some....shockingly low for others, right???)

To cap this challenge off, the windows are oddly arranged. Why oh why don't builders take into account window treatments when they are placing windows in newly constructed homes?! I have to take some of the blame here too as I removed some windows from the original plan prior to construction but left two windows that should have also been removed. Removing windows is heresy  to some people I know, but you ultimately have to have a wall or two that you can place furniture on and in Texas, an abundance of west facing windows are not your friend in August!

The pictures below were my starting point. Forgive the poor lighting and amateur angles, I mostly took these for my reference and not so much for sharing!
Breakfast area - three windows and a door.
The challenging family area - why didn't I kill the two windows on the left during construction???
The two areas together, both of which open to the kitchen.
Stick with me this week on the blog and I'll take you through my own custom drapery journey!

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