Sunday, November 21, 2010

Change Display Bathroom

Display Your Bathroom To have spacious bathrooms and plush like the ones in the homes of millionaires seems difficult to achieve. Especially if you live in a small house and simple. But do not worry, you still can make your bathroom look more spacious by changing some parts of the bathroom. Bathroom Supplies If not many places left, then choose bathroom fixtures with small size could save space. Even if necessary, avoid using the tub and replace it with a shower. Walls The walls have a major influence in showing widespread impression. Use a ceramic wall with bright colors, because the bright colors will give the impression widely. Likewise with patterned ceramic pieces. Decorate ceiling ceiling with a special touch. Legitimate if you want to use decorative stained glass, so that external light can go without you to worry about will be seen from the outside. Or can also decorate your bathroom ceiling with a painting of a blue sky and clouds. Surely your bathroom is also spacious than impressive eye-catching. Window Install window in your bathroom. Do not be afraid to peek, now many choices of glass that is not transparent. Mirror By using a mirror that has a beautiful design, in addition to widespread impression, your bathroom will look more trendy.

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