Monday, November 29, 2010

Tips Lighting Design

What resulted from the proper lighting system? My answer: everything! Too hyperbolic indeed. I mean no other, through the proper lighting system (which was designed from the start as part of the design house), many effects "dramatic" as you want at home, in apartments, shops, even in restaurants can be achieved.

Options and layout proper lighting can increase or decrease the space, build a romantic or cheerful mood. In short, whatever the effects that arise in your mind, can disiasati through proper lighting. Here are examples of lighting at the corner of a mansion.

Wall lamps above is the result Annahape design studio on the wall next to a swimming pool. Lighting on the wall that serves as an accent. With the indirect model lamps, romantic, warm created. The lights had become an integral part of natural stone composition is prepared with super careful and detailed.

Hopefully through the photo above, you also have to enter in the desired dramatic effect. Impression of natural stone cold, direct light is lost with the existing composition.

Well a little theorizing about the lighting, there are four models of lighting fitting for us to know.

1. Ambient lighting, ie lighting the entire room. Technically, ambient lighting means the total light coming from all directions, for the entire space. A lamp is placed in the middle of the room is just one part of the ambient lighting. But if there is light coming from all edges ceiling, for example, creates ambient lighting. In making its ambient lighting, the beam must be sufficiently flexible to various situations or events that may occur in the room. There's no way the dining room is always romantic.

2. Local lighting, or local lighting. This type of lighting is intended for daily activities, such as reading, studying, cooking, dressing and so forth. Lighting is not intended to make the eyes tired quickly.

3. Accent lighting, or lighting that serves as an accent. In addition to the above example, the lighting of this type can be used to make a certain angle, certain goods became prominent. Such lighting can guide visitors to view an item, or a particular collection. An example is the tip 24 on gypsum partition

4. Natural lighting or sun light even months. When designed from the beginning, use sunlight to make room becomes bright. In my 26 tip is recommended that homeowners take into account the design of buildings for sunlight to get into the inside of the house.

My short tip this time is: please, along with your lighting design began designing the house. Do not be afraid to try, you can create their own dramatic effect you want.

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