Saturday, November 27, 2010

Decorative Ornaments in Residence

If you get bored with the minimalist layout why not make it more dynamic. Painting beautiful artwork or decorations can make the look not boring.

Please see the idea below. You can just memadumadankan color decorating with furniture elements. Do not be afraid to experiment on their own residence. Physically remodel the building, repainted, giving a unique furniture, everything can be done for a place to stay so characterized. It could be someone else in awe, some do not like it. Whatever house you who feel comfortable or not. Remember, do not you, home sweet home, My home palace.

One effort to make it look different by giving the decoration elements such as decorative painting. Themes are the main points to consider. If the classical style be an option. Motifs of flowers or foliage will pretty side by side with classical style furniture as well.

Volume heavy furniture should be balanced with a more ornate, light or mild. Adjust the color of furniture and decoration around the layout as well. Includes accessories and trinkets space. Think that the decoration painting could well maintained, meaning easy to clean, do not easily fade, and durable. Whatever your choice, the elements of painting can become your spatial attraction.

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