Saturday, November 27, 2010

Arsitektur MINIMALIS

The term minimalism as a concept or style in the design of residential use was rampant in our society, especially since around the 1990's. Although the basic concept of minimalism has emerged due revolsi understands the industry and the rise of modernism in the history of architecture and developed since the 1920's after the birth of International Style architectural style that carries the theme of functionalism (fungsinal), clarity (clarity) and simplicity (simplicity). One movement imitation and repetition of the rejection of old forms and use of ornamentation which is deemed excessive classical period, merely an additional non-structural and which do not really give any meaning in architecture. On the other hand, voiced the fact of technological progress in the process of design, construction and building structures that provide convenience, accuracy and efficiency.

People of modern architects who loudly voiced this movement include the Berlage in Holland, Peer Behrens in Germany, Louis Sullivan, Frank Lloyd Wright and Ludwig Mies van de Rohe in America which is famous for his statement that beauty in architecture is because of its simplicity Less is more, Le Corbusier of France's famous Le modular system with it, a concept design by looping approach building units for ease of preparation of the functional standards and modulation of structural and speed of development that allows the construction system with prefabricated building materials and Adolf Loos in England which keep hatred on ornamentation and looked at only as a form of fear of the void space (horror vacui). His statement is the famous ornament is crime.

In Indonesia, minimalist architecture developed rapidly through a group of Young Architects Indonesia due to the mastery of design presentation techniques through the tools of computer technology. One important breakthrough in the field of image presentation practical and real. System module, the accuracy of dimensions, color choices, lighting and textures are available in such a way by which information technology is growing. The architectural design comes through the choice of reference configurations have been provided with information technology cepat.Secara substantive minimalism is a form of selection decisions in the design of buildings due to cultural intervention as a way of thinking, activity and lifestyle. A perspective that reflects the lifestyle of today's society that tends to quick, practical, efficient and effective in various fields. It also can be seen in the diet, clothing, communications and so forth. Economic law that emphasizes the minimum effort for maximum achievement is an important cornerstone in a minimalist lifestyle. Understand quickly adopted is who he can and time is money. No more jargon Java community Alon-Alon Waton kelakon (slow origin is reached) or let the slow home safely. Since every activity of life achievement is measured and time-oriented, competition and limited resources and energy. The delay was the beginning of defeat.

The concept of minimalism in architecture is an aesthetic approach that emphasizes things that are essential both in aesthetic and functional spatial, and structural shapes. Spatially specific spaces arranged sedemikain way as to have a high level of flexibility in ketersusunan and convenience functions. Elementary geometric forms that practically no ornamentation is a main character that dominates the surface and building mass. Innovation of various materials such as steel, concrete, and glass, standardization and efficiency technologies provide new challenges in the design world. The principle is the more simple, the quality of a design, function space, and the settlement system of the structure will be getting better. Minimum is at once the value of the aesthetic purpose itself. Continuity of design since the idea of determining a straight line, plane and meeting elbow perpendicular field, the construction of volumetric and mass composition, honesty of materials, processing of light and air, looping module, circulation compact, multifunctional and sequential space and clarity of the structural system is a key feature concept minimalist architecture.

Minimalist also looked at the attitudes and behavior of designers in the argument, recognizing and guiding clients to realize and berseda reduce the various needs that are not important. Only the essential functions are retained so that the building is called minimalist because the result of a process to get the space that really exploited. Minimalist is not displayed just the final destination shape but also the success in purifying function itself.
Minimalist architecture is an expression of contemporary urban society through a competitive way of living an honest, practical and simple in total.

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